1. POR PIA (5p) Thai Spring Rolls with plum sauce.   Chicken $7.50 Veg $6.50, prawn (4P)$8.50


2. TOFU TOD (6p) Fried Bean Curd with sweet chilli or peanut sauce.  $7.90


3. CURRY PUFFS (4p) - golden puff pastry parcels with plum sauced. Chick $7.00 Veg $6.50


4. KEAW TOD (Crispy Chicken Wontons) (6p) -served with plum sauce  $6.00


5. SATAY SKEWERS 4p – marinated and grilled with peanut sauce. Chick or Beef $8.50, Tofu $7.90  


6. TOD MUN PLA (4p) Thai Fish Cake with sweet and sour sauce. $8.50


7. PRAWN CRACKERS with peanut sauce. $4.00


8. MIXED ENTRÉE (8p) –Por Pia, Curry puffs, Tod Mun Pla and Keaw Tod  $12.00


9.ROTI WRAP (4p) – Marinated with lettuce, peanut sauce  and  wrapped  in a roti. Chicken or beef  $9.00 Tofu $8.00 



Chick $8.90, Veg $8.50, Prawn & Seafood  $10


10. TOM YUM –Spicy Thai broth with lemongrass, lime leaf  lemon juice chilli and mushrooms .


11. TOM KHA - Coconut based soup with lemon juice and galangal


12.POH TAK Thai spicy soup with lemongrass, basil, lemon, chilli, mushrooms

13. WONTON SOUP – Thai Chicken Broth with minced chicken wontons. $8.50



14. YAM NUER Thai Beef Salad , lemon juice, cucumber, tomato, mint and chilli. $14.00

15. LARB GAI  Thai Chicken Salad  lemon juice, chilli, onion and mint. $14.00

16. PLA GOONG – (Thai Prawn Salad) – prawns, lemon juice, onion, chilli and lemon grass. $16.00

17. SALAD PAK - Mixed salad vegetables topped with slices of boiled egg and peanut sauce. $8.80

18. LARB PED – Roast Duck Salad, lemon juice, cucumber, tomato and chilli  $15.50  


* THAI GREEN PAPAYA SALAD - Papaya, tomatoes and peanut with Thai dressing


CURRIES   ('Gang’ means curry in Thai and are coconut based)

Beef or Chicken $15.50, Duck, Prawn or  slow cooked beef $18.80, Vegetarian - $14.80


19. GANG KEAW WANN (Green Curry)


20. GANG DANG (Red Curry)


21. GANG MASSAMUN (Massamun Curry) - sweet curry, potatoes, carrots, and peanuts


22. GANG PANANG (Panang Curry)


23. CHOOCHEE -  prawn or fish  $19.80


STIR FRIES   (‘Pad’ means Stir Fry in Thai)


Beef or Chicken $15.50, Duck, Prawn or- $18.80, Seafood $20Vegetarian - $14.80

 (Ask for vegan option)

24. PAD GRAPOW – Fresh basil, garlic, chilli,


25. PAD KHING - Ginger 


26.PAD PED - Red Curry  


27. PAD NUMMUN HOY - Oyster Sauce  


29. PAD HIMMAPAN - Cashew nuts 


30. PAD PREAW WANN - Sweet and Sour  


31. PAD GRATIEM PRIG TAI - garlic and pepper 


32. PAD SATAY – Peanut Sauce 


33. PAD CHA seafood with Thai herb sauce $20


34. PAD SOFT SHELL CRAB deep fried with black pepper $20.00


35. PAD TALAY- mix seafood - $20


36. PLA SAM ROD – Deep fried fish fillet topped with sweet and sour chilli sauce. $20



Beef or Chicken $14.50, Vegetarian $13.50, Duck, Prawn  $16.50, Seafood $20

(Ask for vegan option)

37. PAD THAI – fried rice noodle with egg, tofu, peanuts and bean shoots


38. PAD SEE EW- Flat wide rice noodles with egg and thick soy sauce.

39. PAD KEA MAO- Flat wide rice noodle with chilli, garlic, vegetables and sweet basil leaves.


RICE (‘Kao’ means rice in Thai)

Beef or Chicken $14.50, Vegetarian $13.50, 

Duck, Prawn $16.50 Seafood $20.00

(Ask for vegan option)

40. KAO PAD – vegetables and egg


41. KAO PAD PRIG- chilli and vegetables 


42. KAO PAD GRAPOW– basil leaves 


43. STEAMED RICE - $2.50; L$3.50  


44. BROWN RICE -$3.50; L$4.00


45.COCONUT RICE -    Steamed rice cooked in sweet coconut milk with Thai herbs. $3.50; L$4.00


46.ROTI Indian style flat bread(plain or garlic) $3.5




Banana cooked in sweet coconut milk




49.BANANA IN STICKY RICE- cooked in banana leaf with ice cream $7.00


50.COCONUT CUSTARD- with ice-cream $7.00




52.KANOM TUAY COCONUT DESSERT with ice cream $7.00






Note all stir fry have Vegan option dishes 

ENTRÉE (1) porpia (2) tofu tod;(5)tofu satay


VEGAN SALAD PAK - Mixed salad vegetables topped with tofu and peanut sauce. $8.80


PAD SATAY – Peanut Sauce


PAD NUMMUN HOY - mock roast pork and ve gan oyster Sauce  


VEGAN PAD SEE EW- Flat wide rice noodles with mock pork and thick soy sauce.


VEGAN KAO PAD – vegetables, rice and tofu


CURRIES are coconut based


DESSERT most desserts are vegan friendly



Soft drinks cans  $2.50   1.25 bottles $4.50

Coconut water 500ml ($4.50)

Lipton Iced Ted peach ($3.90)

Bundaberg Ginger Beer (& diet) $3.50

Apletiser Sparkling Apple Juice $3.50




Four Sisters Sav blanc               B $22.00

Red Knot Shiraz 2016     B $19.50 

Singha/Chang/Asahi          B$5/$25 (6pk)

Pure Blonde





THAI ON CHARLES Licensed Restaurant

88 Charles St.  Seddon 




Take Away & Delivery Menu

9689 (thai) 8424 / 9687 3447


Open every day from 5pm to 10pm


Limited Liquor License for Pick Up & Delivery Conditions: With Food Orders only. One bottle of 750ml wine or 6 pack of beer or mixed drinks( 375ml). Must be over18 to receive order. ID must be provided on request.


(Delivery & over the phone credit card order minimum $20.00)


DELIVERY: 5.30 pm till 9.30 pm. Delivery charge $3.50 Seddon, Yarraville Kingsville Footscray, West Footscray  Please leave a welcome light and have your address clearly visible for our delivery driver,  Thank you